The reason I make art

is to remind the world how beautiful and unique we all are

I wasn't always an artist. I didn't touch a canvas until I was 47. I learned to draw for the first time at 48. I had always wanted to be creative, but I didn't no how. I didn't have any original idea. I could make beautiful crafts following someone's pattern, but never able to design my own.There was a fire in me with no outlet. I felt trapped in my own soul. Then one day, it dawned on me. I was raised to follow someone else's footstep. I always tried to fit into some label -a good mom, a sweet wife, a kind person...I didn't dare to be uniqe. I didn't dare to be ME.

Embrace the beauty

of your infinite spirit

Once I learned to accept and love my individual spirit, and stop trying to be someone else, ideas starts flowing in. I was hit with such a creative storm that I simply could not stop making art. My art represents hope. It represents possiblities. I want my art to remind others the beauty and infinite possiblies of their unique souls.

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