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The Power of Art, and Power to Artists!

I never understood art. 

I admire beauty, yes. I appreciate techniques and compositions, of course. But every time I see a pieces of art that seems to be scribbles, that makes me that art?

What exactly is art?

I guess if you asked a caveman, he'd say, "It's our story." And it would be true. In a time before language was fully developed, and much less the written words, pictures were the only record to be passed down.

But what about the 21st century? We have information overload. Why do we still make art?

Why do we still need art?

The fact as that we do need art, more than ever. At a time when there are more ways for people to connect than ever before, we are more emotionally disconnected than ever before.

And that's where art comes in. Art is emotional. It creates an instant emotional bond between the artist and the viewer. It induces visions and feelings in the minds of audiences. It causes the brain to react with chemicals that makes us happy, or sad, or in love instantaneously.

History has proven time and again that emotions drive human behaviors, not logic. Whoever influences emotions has power. Therefore, art has power.

Art is one of the most subtle yet powerful way to influence our emotions. Good art makes us laugh or cry. 

We don't need to understand art. Art doesn't need to be analyzed.  

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